Monday, October 24, 2011

Healthful Halloween Treat Ideas

Booooo! Halloween is here again, and that means one thing: it's time to feed strange children candy in a socially acceptable way. If you're like me, Halloween is an ethical minefield. How do you make it fun for the neighborhood kids without contributing to childhood obesity, diabetes, zits and murder?

Fear not! The following is a list of harrowingly healthful Halloween treat ideas that you can make at home. By being a little bit creative you can minimize your junk food footprint and maximize your fun one. And the best part? The neighborhood kids won't even notice the difference!


Dracula Pills (extra-strength Tylenol)

Vampire Soda (bottled water mixed with red food coloring and fake cobwebs)

Wolfman’s Fudge (salad served in a chocolate bar wrapper)

Zombie Pie (tomatoes in a dark bowl)

Mummy’s Fudge (salad served in fresh toilet paper)

Psycho Suckers (twigs dipped in skim milk)

Hitler Gum (dehydrated cranberries mushed into cubes)

Ghost Licorice (uncooked spaghetti eaten under a red lightbulb)

Weird Chips (rice cakes with fake bugs on them)

Blob Pellets (raisins floating in mayonnaise)

Happy snacking, everyone!

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