Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toronto Sun Cover Review

I am going to start doing daily reviews of Toronto Sun covers. The Toronto Sun is, of course, the city of Toronto's most reactionary/hilarious newspaper, with a broad readership that includes everyone from old men who wear track pants and fish in the Don River to young women who think bicycles are gay.

Today's cover:

Front and centre: Well, hello there! If it isn't notorious child-killer/sex offender Clifford Olson. Why is this old blast from the past on the cover when there's so much non-pedophile news to report? Because, thanks to an "investigation" by the Sun, federal prison inmates like Olson will no longer get old age pensions. Not the worst idea in the world, but did they need to include a pedophile on the cover? Technically, no, but a Toronto Sun cover without a pedophile is like a Tigerbeat without a Justin Bieber.

Top left: $15,000,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

Top right: A hockey man has a bar mitzvah?

Bottom: Hakim optical is offering a sweet deal. Do you think the bespectacled couple in the ad are dating or are they just friends?

Summary: There's a little something for everyone today: a forgotten child-killer, some hockey news, the tantalizing prospect of $15,000,000 and discount eye wear. This scattershot approach actually weakens the overall impact of the cover. I would have preferred the use of the word PERV or $ICKO in the main headline to counteract the relative banality of the other stories/advertisements.

*** (out of 5)

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  1. I would be a bit worried about the people over at Hakim Optical who are starting to give away all their possessions (free 2nd pairs, free lenses) - I had a friend who gave away all his things and two weeks later he hung himself - that ad is basically a cry for help