Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A St. Patrick’s Day Message from Father Martin Brennan


St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful celebration. For many of us, it is the only opportunity we have all year to paint our faces green and cause chaos in our communities.

Yet, having a temporarily green face needn’t automatically lead to evil acts. Many men with permanently green faces have lived noble lives – sometimes under appalling conditions.

Look at the Ninja Turtles. These four young Italians lived deep in the filthy, disease-ridden sewers of New York City. My God, their home smelled awful. A gigantic lake of urine and feces literally ran through their living room. (Dante couldn’t have imagined it himself!) During one of my visits to their lair, one of the young men – Donatello, I think it was – offered me a slice of pizza. I refused, of course, terrified of eating in such an unhygienic atmosphere. (I pray I didn't insult him.) But despite their squalid living conditions, the Ninja Turtles managed to protect New York from Shredder and Krang and still find time for break-dancing and pizza parties.

The Mask was another man with a green face who led an upright life. He risked his personal safety to save Cameron Diaz from those bad guys. And, like Job, he kept a sense of humor during his trials. “Smokin’!” he’d say, after receiving some disappointing news. Or “Somebody stop me!” Did you know that Jim Carrey (the fellow who played the Mask) also played in Ace Ventura? “Alrightee then!”

Gumby was also a green man. He could stretch and bend himself into the most wonderful shapes, you’d never believe it! God rest his soul.

So, tonight, as you’re drunkenly overturning cars or taunting police officers to hit you in the face, pause for a moment to reflect on the lives of these great, green men: the Ninja Turtles, the Mask and Gumby.

Praise be to God.

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