Monday, March 15, 2010

Silly Real Laws

Did you know that it’s illegal to walk around with an ice cream cone in your pocket in New York City? Or that in Hawaii, it’s against the law to put coins in your ears? And don’t even think about keeping an alligator in your bathtub in Arkansas unless you want to go to the Bighouse!

Ah, silly laws! Every state has them, but why are they still on the books? These laws are the relics of yesteryear, and though they were once meant to protect public safety and propriety, they seem crazy to us today.

Here are some other silly real laws that still can still land you in a heap of trouble:

- Murder is illegal in Chicago, Illinois, so be sure not to “kill” anyone while visiting the Windy City. Whatever you say, Mr. Lawman!

- Dumping poison in the river and laughing about it is illegal in the state of Kansas.

- Publishing and distributing hate literature is a no-no in California. Hmm, I wonder if all that sunshine got to the politicians’ heads?

- It is illegal to shit on a wedding cake in Connecticut.

- Forcing The Chieftains to have sex with you at knife-point is frowned upon in Ireland.

- Building a dirty bomb and detonating it in a shopping mall for political reasons will get you a $35 fine in Nantucket, Massachusetts. What?

- Playing video games with a gay guy is prohibited in Oklahoma.

- Making George Clooney feel hopeless is illegal in Minnesota.

- Cutting off your enemy’s penis and choking him with it is banned in France. We saved their asses in War II.

- Dressing up as Mo’Nique and telling people "I am Mo'Nique now!" is forbidden internationally.

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