Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's Do Business!

Hello, you must be Jonnio? I’ve heard a lot about you.

I hope it wasn’t too bad!

Ha ha aha aha aha.

Hoe o eohooojo joho.

You hungry?

Yeah. Give me some food, please.

Ever eaten a pig’s heart?

No. I don’t know about them.

Ha ah. You’re very handsome.

Thanks. You have de nice body.

Hoa ahhahaha aha aha ! Welcome to the Big Time.

I can’t believe this is all really happening. Me dream job!

Ha aha aho bip. Whatcha got in the folder?

Oh, just some poems I’m working on.

Love poems?

Yes, sir. She doesn’t know how I feel.

I'm more of a slam poet myself.


Slamslamslam. Ha haahad haho ho djojo.

Haha ahaoojo jo.


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