Monday, February 8, 2010

A Poem for the Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics begin on Friday, so I thought I'd get into the spirit of things by composing a small poem about every athlete's dream: going for the Gold. My poem is from the point of view of an Ancient Greek athlete who has been arrested by the authorities and transported through time to Vancouver 2010. I hope you enjoy it!

Winter’s Prize

O inedible golden cookie!
Symbol of snowy aptitude
Do I dare to dream of wearing you around Me neck?

O gilded trinket!
Awarded to the world’s Smartest Men
Are you the ultimate in sports Jewelry?

Yes, you are!
Shall I wear Thee on the street, beloved accessory?
I shall!

Lo! I care not for Silver—the Saddest metal
And Bronze is a farce—like a Wayans Brothers movie that you can wear around your neck
Only Gold can satisfy my athletic hunger
Feed me gold in my Sports Mouth!

I am not embarrassed of ice
I do well in snowstorms
I am Winter’s Poet
And my opus is called “Curling.”

The World is a Vampire

O beautiful yellow product on sale in no store!
I need you to dangle from my neck
Like a Fancy pendulum

Ah ha! I have seized you at last, Goldie!
Now, we, the members of the Golden Brotherhood
Must wait for the perfect moment
To storm the Gates of Heaven
And destroy God!

© 2010 Coca Cola

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