Monday, February 22, 2010

The Evil One

Did you hear about Laura?

No. What happened?

The Evil One has claimed her soul.

Shut up!

Seriously. It happened last night while we were Skyping.

So that's why she isn't at school today.

Yeah. It sucks.

Big time.

...does Brad know?

She hasn’t told him yet.

Oh my God. He’s gonna flip.

Poor Brad.

Did you know his last girlfriend’s soul was also claimed by the Evil One?

No way! I thought she devoted her soul to Virtue?


They say that the Evil One can assume any form or shape.


Oh yeah. He can be as big as the world or as tiny as a DJ.

God. I’m so scared of Him.

Me too.


But maybe this means Brad will ask me out?

The only law is Chaos.

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