Saturday, January 2, 2010

Up-and-Coming Celebs to Watch Out For in 2010!

How the time flies! 2009 was a banner year for Hollywood and its famous celebrities. Despite the global recession and thousands of deaths across the world, the stars proved that they could still act, sing and dance beautifully. The good news is that 2010 looks set to be an even bigger year for Hollywood. Here are my picks for up-and comers to keep an eye on in 2010! And remember -- you heard it here first.


We loved him as Mario in Twilight, and rumour has it that hunky Jason is set to star in his own blockbuster movie later this year. Let's just hope he wakes up in time to win that Oscar!

Douglas "Dirty" Shakespeare

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past twelve months you'll know that Douglas Shakespeare is one of the hottest (and messiest) young celebs on the planet. We're looking forward to seeing "Dirty" in his first major role later this year in Jason Reitman's The Clean Freak. Talk about casting against type!


Rumour around Lala-land is that teen sensation Toots is legally married to her horn. Hey, whatever works, girl! Toots is living proof that acting with a saxophone in your hands all the time doesn't have to be glum.

The Farnsworth Brothers

Over the past decade, The Farnsworth Brothers have quietly built a reputation as one of the most diverse showbiz families possible. We look forward to seeing them play a neurotic undertaker later this year in Woody Allen's Dirt Nap.

Rikki Noel

He may only be 14, but Rikki has already made more films than most actors do by 40. As if that wasn't cool enough, he also sings and plays guitar in his own band. Take a number, ladies!

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