Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Tell If Your Picasso Is A Fake

Fraud in progress?

It’s signed “Bablo Picasso.” (Picasso’s real first-name was Pablo, with a “p.”)

The dealer who sold you the painting asked you how many copies you wanted.

The painting is an elegant portrait of Billy Corgan. Noble though he may be as a subject, Picasso never painted him.

When you scratch the surface of the painting lightly with a knife, you hear it say “Ouch!” In this case, not only is your painting not a Picasso – it’s a man. If this happens, take the man off the wall and offer him a drink.

The bottom right-hand of the canvas reads “© 2005 Marvel Comics.”

You bought it at an Imaginus poster fair.

When you turn the painting upside down, the woman’s clothes disappear. (Your “painting” may in fact be a novelty pen.)

The painting looks like Guernica… but with Tupac in it.

Picasso never glued “googly eyes” or scratch-n-sniff stickers on to his works.

The painting drips blood when you pray.

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